In Duch Claramunt first international contest we are looking for new ways to understand ornaments around the contemporary ambit and the changing society. We are searching for new relations in fashion, industry and in jewelry. The projects can be built from any material and any form but following new relations established in the philosophy of Duch Claramunt.

The contest is thought for professionals and students of any discipline of fashion, industrial design and jewelry. In this way we organize the contest in two stages. In the first stage, the panel will select 20 projects of all presented. The authors of the selected projects will build the pieces for the second stage, where the winner will be chosen.

-Basis and inscription paper.
You can pick up the basis and the inscription paper, since the 20th of October 2002 from our website: www.duchclaramunt.com. After fill it up you should email at: duchclaramunt@duchclaramunt.com.
-First stage.
All proposals have to be delivered before the 15th of May 2003 at 2 P.M at Duch Claramunt central office: Carrer Ramon Turró 51, 08005 BARCELONA. For all the parcels post is required to have the stamp before the limit day-time.
-Announcement of the 20 projects that are going to be in the second stage.
During the following fifteen days after the deliver of projects.
-Second stage.
The second delivery will be before the 15th of September 2003 at 2 P.M at Duch Claramunt central office: Carrer Ramon Turró 51, 08005 BARCELONA.

For the first stage:
5mm support in A4 vertical format. The paper-presentation must offer all the graphic information for the correct understanding of the project. The author can also include and explicative text.
Maquette and scale model (Optional).
Report printed in A4 format if the author think that will be quite interesting for the jury.
Close the envelope with the inscription paper inside full it up correctly. Our propose is to guaranty the anonymity of the author, by this way the only identification element will be the project name in the front of the support, in the scale model, report and in the outside of the close envelope.
For the second stage:
The perfect construction of the piece with all the necessary information for the correct comprehension of the jury.
Going on with our anonymity propose the second stage works will only be accepted with the identification name of the piece in the wrapper of the piece and in a close envelope with a copy of the identification paper.

The jury of the 1st International conquest Duch Claramunt is composed for professionals of different arts such as architects, graphic designers, jewellers, industrials, artists, industrial designers and photographers. All together they will provide a wide vision of the contest.

Carme Pinós. Architect.
Marta Estrada. Commercial.
Xavier Mariscal. Drawer.
Jaume de Laiguana. Photographer.
Salvador Edgar. Industrial.
Joan Blanquer. Industrial.
Joan Oliveres Bagues. Jeweller.
Enric Majoral. Jeweller.
Beatriz Wurstz. Jeweller.
Miquel Cunill. Goldsmith.
Ramon Enric. Painter.
Pep Valls. Publicist.

The winner will receive 5000€. Further more there will be the possibility for three of the selected authors to join in the creative team of Duch Claramunt in the design center of Palo Alto. Barcelona.

On September 2003 there will be public ceremony.
All the selected projects will be included in a contemporary exhibition in BARNAJOIA 2003 Trade fair.