Duch Claramunt was born from the mixture af the architecture and jewellery, avoiding any previous scheme and starting from a continuous review of the way of understanding jewellery.
The starting point may come from any field because Duch Claramunt states that everything has its own qualities which, once revised and defined, may suggest new points of view. The pieces are far from the traditional definition of jewellery as a decorative item or as a product predetermined by its design.
A creative method borns which arises from the mechanism of the architecture and from a global mentality, creating the characteristic style of all Duch Claramunt jewels.
The aim of Duch Claramunt is to provide the ornaments for the customer to take part in the design of the jewel.
The potencial of these collections is based on the development of the system applied to make them which does not definitely determine the jewel but allows to change the final shape into many designs. They are tools to create pieces through this mechanism. The customer not only takes part in the jewel but also the Duch Claramunt jewels can be adapted to the market demands at any moment.